Slave studio incl. Studio switch

Within AerOn Studio, switching from non-stop to live assist can be controlled by a single computer.

Larger radio stations generally link this separately and place the non-stop PC in the server room, which then also serves as an audio matrix. For each live studio, a separate play-out machine is installed which is connected to the non-stop computer via the network. This separate play-out machine can take over the playlist of the non-stop computer after each track transition. If using multiple live studios, every studio can take over a different studio when it is released. The presenters/DJs work on the PC of the relevant live studio during the live broadcasts. If using this method, the PC of each live studio should be equipped with the Slave studio function module.

With the included Studio switch function combined with the suitable hardware (RME sound card) this module switches the connected studio or studios within the non-stop server PC.