The Playlist contains a chronological list of tracks which are or have been played by the Automation or via Live Assist. Advertising screens may optionally be displayed collapsed and compact, so the music coming after the commercial break is clearly visible to the presenter/DJ for announcement purposes. Of course, such a block can be opened for inspection with a single click.  

Playlists can be generated fully automatically using Formatplanner and Commercialplanner.

Manually creating playlists or customising automatically generated playlists is simple. Tracks can be easily dragged from the Database browser, (optional) Item Browser, or Jungle machine to the Playlist using the mouse.

The Playlist gives the presented/DJ the necessary visual control, whereby the active playing track is clearly and prominently displayed. The Playlist can be displayed either per day or per hour. Switching between views is simple and quick.

The functionality of the Playlist is very extensive by default. If desired, the set of features can be expanded with the options Plan-checker, alternative tracks, and other display options.

  • Playlist traditional
  • Playlist with voicetracks