Plan checker

With the Plan Checker, an analysis of the Playlist is easily made. From every track from the Playlist, the hour format and plan rule with which the track is planned can be viewed. This way, you can quickly check whether a deviating track belongs in the hour format or whether the criteria of that track may need to be fine-tuned.

When the Formatplanner runs into incidental impossibilities during planning, these are displayed in a comprehensive manner at the end of planning. Again, the Plan checker is an excellent tool here because with each report, the plan rule in the hour format can be checked and corrected.

From each track in the Playlist, Database Browser, or Item Browser, the Formatplanner analysis can be initiated. This analysis shows which times and which days a track is planned for in a comprehensive matrix. Therefore, the module is a useful tool for optimising hour formats and the database.

  • Link Planner report - Hour format
  • Link Playlist - Hour format