Drag & drop

With the integration of Windows Explorer, tracks from any folder in the Database, Playlist, and even the Jingle Machine can be dragged to the Playlist.

Audio editing

With AerOn Studio, tracks can be edited directly from the Database or Playlist using a linked audio editor (such as Audition). For example, a report can be edited very quickly by adding background sound effects. After saving, the file is automatically updated in the Database Editor to be used on-air directly.

Direct transmission streams/silence detection

Outside broadcasts are often streamed to the studio using IP-codecs. With AerOn Studio, a line technician in the studio is no longer needed. In AerOn Studio external Internet sources (including Shoutcast, Barix, and AAC) can be played both with Live or Non-Stop mode. With built-in silence detection AerOn Studio prevents deadly silences on a channel, internet, or cable. If the connection with the location studio fails, AerOn Studio will first attempt to reconnect, If reconnection is not possible AerOn Studio will continue to broadcast with the Playlist generated on the broadcasting computer.

Usable in any desired language

AerOn Studio is available in English, Dutch or German by default, but is easily translated into other languages if required.