Mix editor / Voice tracking

The transitions between the tracks in the Playlist are automatically determined based on the complete start and following times in the Databank Editor (Editor tab). The Mix Editor is used to control transitions between the tracks in the Playlist and - if desired - manually adjust them.

The Mix Editor is also used for recording voice tracks. With a simple press of a button, a voice track can be recorded here.

The configurable “ducking” function in AerOn Studio adjusts your voice to fit perfectly into the outro or intro of a track by default. These can be dynamically, manually adjusted in terms of timing and volume. For example, the volume of a loud jingle or a loud intro of a track can be turned down.

The functionality of the Mix Editor is very extensive by default. If desired, the set of features can be extended with the module: Voice tracking Xtra.

  • Voicetracks visible in playlist