Jingle players

AerOn Studio already has two independently operating jingle cart players by default, in which each has 7 jingles which can be used both during Live Assist and in automatic mode.

It is possible to compile specific jingle packages per programme or presenter/DJ in advance, which can be easily loaded from the public folder, the folder of the user group(s) you are a member of, or from the folder with the personal packages. This way, 14 suitable jingles are directly available for the programme.

The Jingle Players can be controlled using the fader or button start of the connected mixer, keyboard, mouse, USB button panel (Tipro), or via the AerOn Studio panel of an Axum mixer.

Jingles can be easily dragged between Jingle Players, Database Browser, (optional) Item Browser, or Playlist using the mouse.

Within the Jingle Players, there is a ‘next cue’ option. After playing a jingle, this option will ensure the following one will be ready to play.

The functionality of the Jingle Players is very extensive by default. If desired, the set of features can be expanded with the module: Jingle players Xtra.