Perfect scalable solution

Intuitive operation



A solid and comprehensive basis

Inexpensive modular expandable

Live IBC Radio 2016

Listen live to IBC Radio 2016

Flexible, Scalable, Powerful

Broadcast partners has been developing professional software solutions for radio stations since 1983, ensuring optimal continuity and expert assistance. Our radio automation software developed from a non-stop tool into an essential part of the live programming.


INTUITIVE operation

The AerOn Studio radio automation has proven performance, intuitive operation, stability and can be modularly expanded at a low cost. An investment in a solid, basically complete solution which can grow along with future needs.

Completely new

yet very trusted

Broadcast Partners has been providing radio automation and continuity for over 30 years. The need for radio stations to keep up with trends has changed to the necessity to be distinctive. AerOn Studio is designed to assist radio stations optimally.

SCALABLE in capacity

And size

The modular design makes the software scalable in capacity, size, and functionality. AerOn Studio can be set up for any type and size studio, with the ability to expand easily, quickly and at your own discretion when required.


“The complete Radio automation solution”