The AerOn Studio Formatplanner can be used to create any desired format. Based on criteria entered into the integrated Database Editor, the Formatplanner automatically generates playlists. This makes it unnecessary to keep track of an external database, such as when using an external planning programme.

The Formatplanner has a very diverse set of formatting rules, which can create one or multiple individual hour formats. A combination of these hour formats is a day format. After this one-time job, generating playlists is only a matter of a few mouse clicks to automatically carrying out the planning.

You can even automate the automatic planning to be performed just before midnight.

The functionality of the Formatplanner is very extensive by default. If desired, the set of features can be expanded with the modules:

Plan checker
Formatplanner / Playlist Semi Fixed
Formatplanner Xtra
Formatplanner Xpert

  • Hour format
  • Day format
  • Preferences
  • Schedule