Formatplanner Xpert

The most extensive planning possibilities within AerOn Studio can be found in the Formatplanner Xpert option.

Formatplanner Xpert can prevent certain tracks from occurring in the Playlist by excluding criteria. This way, the planning becomes even more accurate. It is also possible to mark tracks in the hour format which can mutually exchange places. AerOn Studio takes this into account when planning, so that the position of these tracks is adjusted at random within the hour.  

By working with mood and texture, the mood of the hour can be adjusted to fit current developments with a single operation.

In addition to the hour formats, it is now also possible, based on criteria, to indicate the maximum amount of tracks to be planned per hour per criterion and to determine minimum separation levels.

If the playlists are planned, a number of alternative tracks are available for each track in accordance with the criteria with which the track is planned.

The info screen provides a clear overview of how the amount of tracks of all criteria relate to one another within each criteria group. This way, you can quickly see whether certain musical styles, target groups, or tracks from certain years are sufficiently represented in the database.

A prerequisite for this module is that it only works in combination with the Formatplanner Semi Fixed and Xtra.

  • Criteria separation