Export functions

The AerOn Studio Export module exports relevant data (metadata) to other applications. For example, the currently playing title and artist information with an associated image via HTML export to a website, RDS application, or to the stream…

In the Database Editor, it is possible to indicate for each track whether only the title or artist, title-artist, or a custom text is displayed.

In order to make it easier for the user, Broadcast Partners has developed a number of standard templates. One of the templates is specially designed for mobile applications such as an iPhone. Of course, these can be fully customized to one’s own preference.

With this module, AerOn Studio can also connect to an external RDS application via RDS Export. The Playlist information is used in the Programme Service (PS) and RadioText (RT) functions of RDS. Using the separately available Rafix RDS, a complete RDS Playlist can be generated. For more information, see: