Database Editor

The Database Editor is used to complete and update track information such as title, artist, hour and selection criteria. All of this data forms the basis for the Formatplanner and enables searching for tracks in the Database Browser. All information is divided into 7 comprehensive tabs: track, artist, criteria 1, criteria 2, lyrics, statistics and editor.

In the Editor tab, the intro, fade out, and cue points for Live Assist and the Automation are tracked. Information about author/composer (for reporting to copyright organisations), lyrics, statistics, etc. can also be entered here by the right holder or viewed by the presenter/DJ. If the AerOn Studio Export module is chosen, you can indicate which text will be visible via the RDS or HTLM export.

With the Edit criteria function, a direct link between the Database Browser and Database Editor can be activated. In combination with the multi-select option in the Database Browser, entering or adjusting criteria for a specific selection of tracks becomes very easy and efficient.

The Database Editor is flexibly accessible and can be opened via the Database menu, the button in the menu bar, or directly from the Playlist, Database Browser, or (optional) Item browser.

  • Artist
  • Criteria 1
  • Criteria 2
  • Song text
  • Statistics
  • Editor