Database Browser Xtra

This expansion module provides various additional search functions relative to the default browser. Instead of just title, artist, and audio ID, various additional columns can be displayed (such as the various criteria groups, last played, last scheduled, year, duration, artist hour number, etc.). Very useful is the possibility of ordering these columns and finding the desired information quickly.

In the comprehensive matrix, multiple criteria can be selected at once.

Within the module, it is possible to make a selection whereby all tracks, or only the tracks available to the planner or presenter/DJ, are displayed. The personal rights assigned play a role here. For maintenance of the Database, quickly selecting tracks that are in the database but are not physically present is a useful addition.

There is also an additional tab equipped with special search functions. Here, you can select parts of lyrics, moods, texture, and various other specific criteria.

Finally, Database Browser Xtra offers definable screen pre-sets per user and control features based on the history of the artist in the Database editor.

  • Choice of columns, tracks and multi select
  • Additional search functions