Within the Playlists, commercial blocks can be created. These are planned using the Commercialplanner. It offers complete planning functionality for commercials and is fully integrated in AerOn Studio.

With the Commercialplanner, planning with the right distribution can be created or edited in an instant if the radio station has a customer database with all the relevant data from the customer, campaign, and planning overviews to be generated.


Other interesting features of the Commercialplanner include:

  • a week matrix with up to 6 scheduled blocks per hour (6x24x7=1008 blocks per week);
  • fixed, floating, or blocks time-aligned to a marked point (f.i. top of the hour) are possible;
  • it is possible to set up which blocks each campaign occurs in per day and per hour;
  • campaigns can be planned in different ways as distributed over the period and at random.

The functionality of the Commercialplanner is very extensive by default. If desired, the set of features can be expanded with the module: Commercialplanner Xtra.

  • Day overview
  • Preferences block
  • Commercialblock in playlist folded
  • Commercialblock unfolded