Commercialplanner Xtra

With the additional functionality in Commercialplanner Xtra by AerOn Studio, the preferred positions within a commercial block can be indicated.

Additional placement options have been added, such as planning a fixed number of spots per day and the option of filling up empty blocks.

For long-term planning, it is possible to plan based on even or odd days, weeks, or months.

The design has been expanded with two additional before and after jingles, which are always played, even if there are no commercials present within the block.

This planner also takes week-parts into account as entered in the Database Editor at each commercial. In case of campaigns with multiple commercials certain commercials can be linked to a specific day this way.

Edition systems require Commercialplanner Xtra as a basis for planning for all editions from a single point. The blocks in all editions are then adjusted in length to the longest block, so that perfect decoupling is possible.

  • Placement
  • Even-odd days/weeks/months
  • Pre and Post jingles
  • Planning editions